Well, it’s been over two years now since we started… I don’t currently have anything with a date set, but figured I would recap some of our previous events. There have been several smallish and informal gatherings, but here our some examples of our larger events:

  • Kickoff meeting @ Kirkyard Public House – This was our first public event and we had a great turnout. Our guest was local distiller Michael Anderson from Independent Distilling Co. in Decatur. Whiskies we sampled included Hellbender corn whiskey, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Elmer T. Lee, and Cragganmore Single Malt.
  • Brown-Forman – Hosted by a Kirkwood neighbor, the theme was Brown-Forman products. We had a pretty good range of their offerings present, including Woodford Reserve, Early Times, a handful of different Old Foresters including a dusty 86 proof from the late 1980s. We did a blind tasting of standard Woodford vs. Old Forester Signature. Woodford was predominantly preferred.
  • Barrel Proofers – Another event hosted by a (different) neighbor. The theme was any barrel proof offering. We had a wide range of different whiskies, especially a good variety of Four Roses private selections.
  • White Elephant 1 – Our first white elephant was a great success! The event took place at Kirkyard and is basically a sample swap in the context of a white elephant / dirty santa game. Unfortunately, the details of which whiskies were present have been lost. The event went well enough that we decided to make it an annual recurring event!
  • White Elephant 2 – Our second annual white elephant was also a great time. I moved entry and gameplay to an online app to help things run smoothly and so we would have a historical record of what everybody brought. I’ll create a distinct post at some point with the great variety of whiskies that were present.
  • Derby Day Cocktails –  Great event where we had competing whiskey-based cocktails. Details about this one are a little fuzzy in my memory, but thankfully there is some video evidence: https://vimeo.com/129736907
  • Independent Distilling Co. Visit – Technically in Decatur, Independent was the first operating distillery within the Atlanta perimeter in recent years. Michael Anderson welcomed our group to discuss their production process.